The Uscan Difference

October 5th | 2016
Posted by: Rick Salzar, Vice President, Global Distribution

Our breakthrough in bladder care, Uscan™, is now on the market in the U.S., Australia, Europe and Japan, and we’re extremely pleased with the traction and feedback we’re receiving. In fact, one of our new customers, Urology Institute of High Desert in Apple Valley, CA, initially ordered two Uscan units, but ended up liking them so much that they ordered another one!

We believe that Uscan belongs in a class all its own, and a recent “scan off” with a conventional bladder scanner truly illustrates this point. Representatives from Signostics and Verathon were asked to train personnel at a North Carolina based hospital on the use of Uscan and Bladderscan Prime, respectively. The bladder of a nurse volunteer was scanned with both products for pre-void measurement. The nurse volunteer then voided, and the voided volume was measured. In this head-to-head testing, we are pleased to report that Uscan performed more accurately:

  • 188 mL pre-void measurement with Uscan
  • 123 mL pre-void measurement with Bladderscan Prime
  • 185 mL actual voided measurement

In talking with healthcare professionals, they have shared that conventional bladder scanners can be imprecise and that users are looking for something better. Nearly every department in a hospital uses conventional bladder scanners to measure bladder volume, yet the limited utility of these devices can lead to delays and inefficiencies in delivering optimal care. Accurate assessment of anatomy informs important clinical choices, such as whether and how long to urologically catheterise a patient.

Since Uscan acquires up to 256 slices of the bladder and applies algorithms from the science of computer vision to actively recognise the 3D contours of the bladder, we finally have the ability to put the power of peerless accuracy in the palm of healthcare professionals’ hands for more efficient and confident point-of-care clinical decision making. Our vision is to go beyond “good enough” and move towards real accuracy. That’s the Uscan difference.


Vice President, Global Distribution


The bladder volume measurement provided by the sales representative in this blog is just an example but does not reflect the actual accuracy of the device. Signostics cannot guarantee achieving this accuracy in every measurement but the device can measure Bladder volume with an accuracy of ±10% or ±10 mL, based on comparative measurements of a phantom of known volume. Please refer to device user manual.



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